Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wantable August 2013

My Wantable box came Saturday and I was so very excited. This was one of the boxes I've been looking at but couldn't decide on but they are having a special where you can get your second month free so instead of the normal $36 a month you will get two months for $36 and that was all I needed I was sold. This special is good until the end of Aug and no code is needed you will get an email when the promotion is over telling you about your second month free. :)

Hmm I thought I took a picture of the box but I'm guessing I must not have. So you get right to the goodies this time.  Wantable has a very in depth questionnaire when you sign up.  You go through the list and say things you love, like and dislike.  You will then be more likely to get things you love and will never get things you dislike. I love love love this feature and it was pretty spot on this month.

First up is the Cailyn Gel Eyeliner pencil in Purple ($17) and Mineral Pressed Eye shadow in Midnight Mauve ($15).  I've gotten some of this brand before and really liked it so I'm excited for both of these.  Eyeliner and shadow are some of my go tos when I want to up my makeup for the day so these will get used. I actually don't own any purple liner and with my really dark brown eyes and lashes I'm sure I can pull it off.  I love playing and exploring the new possibility.

Next up are the Brazen Loose Blush in Frenzy ($19) and Loose eyeshadow in buzzed ($18)  Again blush is a staple for me. Even when I don't do full make up I use blush daily so this is perfect. I love the color too. I wear a bright blush shade so perfect and I'm not sure how they knew but my current blush is almost out so perfect timing.  I also use alot or brown toned eyeshadow and this will go with that stash.

Laqa & Co Nail Polish in Nookie ($11) so if you are reading my blog you know I have a bit of a polish obsession and so when I saw this I was so excited. This is a new brand for me and the color is awesome. I can't wait to switch up and use it.  FYI there was also a coupon in the box for $10 off $30 for Laqa which I'm not including in the total since you have to buy something but always nice to get some coupons.

And finally a free sample from Lise Watier of the Ombre Souffle Supreme Sample. Not sure if you can tell but I got a sample of the middle two colors. More eyeshadow fun for me to try out.

I'm over excited with my box this month. The box cost me $18 since I'm getting two months with the special deal and it was valued at $80. I'm really in awe with this box and I'm curious to see how next months with stack up. They also have a feature where you can send you box back if you just hate it but so far I'm not seeing how that is possible.  If you want to check them out you can see how it all works out Wantable.  I plan to get at least a couple more months of this one and have some fun playing around.

Do you get Wantable already? What did you get in your box? I should say I joined at the beginning of the week and had a text the next day saying it had shipped and I had it Saturday. I'm not sure when they normally ship in a month but I loved the fast turnaround for the first box. I'm guessing since everyone's box is so different they can send them out pretty quick.


disclaimer: You got it that is my Wantable link up there and I get credits when you join through it for me to get more boxes. :)

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  1. A great box!!!! I can't wait to see what number 2 has in it!!!


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