Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So What Wednesday

Wednesday again and this week I'm linking up to say So What if:

  • the battery in my fitbit died the other day and I'm still wearing it.
  • I just watched 21 Jump Street and I got a little upset when JD died.  I guess he won't be stopping by the sequel :(
  • I'm really happy looking at the polish color on my nails. I want to make a card so that my nails can match my card.  Hmm Challenge Accepted ;)
  • I think the Big Bang Theory is the new Friends. I can easily watch it all day everyday.
  • little C gets so confused when he wakes up and N is already gone for school. However I don't feel bad enough to wake him up early. I relish the few quiet minutes I get each morning.

So that is my randomness for today. What are you saying So What to today?


1 comment:

  1. Visiting from SWW! We love Big Bang Theory! I will admit it took me a little bit to like it but now I am hooked!!


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