Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up for Thursday Thoughts again this week.

  • Is it sad that I was so very excited when I opened our box of Pampers yesterday to discover they have changed their patterns? Instead of the 5 different characters like before now there are only 2 designs and each has multiple characters on them. C is a very happy boy and I won't have to deal with him sorting and then only wanting to wear certain ones as much anymore. Do you guys remember this photo from a couple weeks ago?

  • C had meet the teacher yesterday and yeap he was the one screaming when we went into his room.  I will be dropping him off quickly next week and we'll see how it goes. He did ask this morning if he had school today so hopefully that's a good sign
  • Trying to decide if we need to make plans for this weekend. There is a football game on Saturday so we aren't going anywhere but we have no other plans. I may need to look into that.
  • Speaking of going away we still don't have plans for Ns first track out. We were thinking of going up to Boston to see Ms grandmother but she is coming down here in the middle of Sept instead so not sure if we will change our plans or not.  Now my mind is churning. I wonder if we can sneak a Disney trip in ;)
  • Speaking of Disney I just want to say Thank you so much to all the new likes I've gotten on my Facebook page recently.  If you are interested in travel and especially Disney then check it out at Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel.
Have a great day and a great Labor Day weekend everyone. I do have some boxes showing up hopefully this week so I will be around and blogging if you want to check me out ;)



  1. I just liked your facebook page! We are obsessed with Disney!

    1. Thank you so much. I'm a Disneyaholic ;)

  2. Disney! Disney! Disney!

    Oh and go in January too!! Hint hint!


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