Friday, August 9, 2013

Allure Fall Must Haves

Wowsers everyone my Allure Fall Must Haves box came today. I was so excited to know it had shipped and I was so hoping it wasn't delayed from today.

First look - This box was seriously heavy. I knew that the shipping said 10lbs but I wasn't really expecting it to be that heavy and big.  I was very excited. And yes that is more then an information card it is a whole book with all of the items listed with information on them.

Very impressed with the shipping. I knew that the products were a larger size but I guess I assumed they would just be tossed in a box. LOL nope they took it very serious and everything was nice and neat.

And here are all the goodies. Allure posts what you are getting but I was still so excited to get my hands on everything.  The box itself costs $39.99 plus shipping and tax so about $50 depending on where you live.  A lot yes but I knew right off I would use most of the products in there and then I'd have some to try out too which is always fun.  I do see a couple which I know I won't use so I will pass those along or see about trading for something else.

Over all I am over the moon with this box. I'm not sure exactly how often it is offered but I think maybe quarterly. I know they had one for summer that I missed out on. They sell out really fast so you have to be on the ready.

Did you get an Allure box this time? What did you think about it?


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