Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

Friday again and time for the Friday phone dump  with Jenn over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

I think C is having the hardest time with N being at school.  No matter how big our house is he is right with me all the time sometimes that means reading a book while I'm working on the laptop and sometimes that means being very upset and crying all over me. LOL  He has started taking after his brother and has started spending most of his days naked.  I caught him watching a cartoon the other day and thought it was so cute with his little hands.  C is taking after his more organized father and it shows with his diapers. We have to sort them into characters and then out them in the  holder. We then have a discussion with each change as to which sesame street character we are going to wear. His least favorite is Elmo and of course that is who they put the most of in the bags.

Here is my random photos of the week picture.  I'm in a couple swap events in a FB group I'm in and I got some great ones this week.  The first was a M.O.M event every item had to start with M.O. or M.  I am most excited about the Mason Jar tumbler.  Since its Friday I may just have to fill it up later ;)  We also did a gum train. Did you know that they have Root Beer Float gum?  Who knew but I'm excited to try it.  C and I also took some time this week to work on the pantry.  I seriously like just opening it now and looking at how organized it is. I'm in heaven.

The rest of our week:  Me and C snuggling, N at his first full day Monday ready for this class.  He had to wear his Tiny Whales shirt from his Sweet Pea Box.  Last night we had an invite to a training night at the new PDQ restaurant they are opening. My boys love playing cornhole and the chicken tenders were really good too.

So that was my week in pics. Very random but very fun. How was your week?


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