Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

Friday again and time for the Friday phone dump  with Jenn over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

We got out of the house pretty early this morning so I didn't get this done.  But is has been a busy week for us with N starting school and next week he'll be there everyday so hopefully things at the house are a little slower ;)

Both boys went for haircuts this week.  Even C sat there and let her cut his. He is not a fan of haircuts but as you can see in the right hand picture he was in desperate need of one.
The weather was so great last weekend we spent alot of time outside playing. C loves the sandbox and will spend hours in there playing.

N's first day of Kindergarten was Wednesday. As I've told some of you we have year round school here so he will go for 9 weeks and then have 3 weeks off. They also do a staggered entry for kindergartners so they take the official first week of school and break it up so you only end up going one day. The classes are really small and they evaluate the kids.  We get to go tonight and find out who his actual teacher will be and then on Monday he will be in his class for the rest of the year.  He was very excited and even though I got a call on the first day when he fell and bumped his head it was overall a good one.  I just hope he feels this way when he realizes he has to go everyday all day. ;)

And more of my random photos off my phone. I finally ordered my new Stampin' Up order and it came today. I was so excited usually UPS comes to my house around dinner time but for some reason he was here about 9:30am of course I was walking out the door but I'm still glad it was here so early.
The boys wanted chic-fila yesterday and I just did not want it again so I wasn't sure what I would have when I noticed Panda Express next door. It has been forever since I've been there so I grabbed my togo from there.  It is still not my favorite chinese place but its pretty good for a togo option.

So those are my random photos of the week. What is your week looking like?


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  1. I love when the mailman or UPS man shows up early! That's the best!

    And I seriously want to know when they have that chalk pen!!!


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