Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So What Wednesday

It's So What Wednesday and I'm linking up.

This week I'm saying So What if...

  • We had Cs meet the teacher today and I had the child that screamed when we got there.  I then proceeded to tell them that next week I will be passing him off and leaving. :)  
  • To celebrate his semi-first day we had to get some DD on the way home. It was calling me I HAD to have it.
  • After the parent meeting last night I went to Target to get diapers and came home with over $100 worth of stuff ;)  I'm positive I needed the magnetic nail polish.
  • I get a little sad clearing out all of Cs too small clothes.  Sad to see the little things go and knowing that he and N will be in the same size soon. LOL
  • I made Chili last night for dinner and it is still Aug.  I want fall to come so I can do more fallish foods.
  • Football starts on Saturday and I do get to go.  M is taking N so C and I will be home hopefully with him napping.
  • I'm so ready for the fall tv season to start. I still need to make my viewing spreadsheet so I'm ready to set the tivo.
I think that is all my randomness today. Are you linking up? What are you saying So What to today?


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