Monday, August 12, 2013

Julep Mystery Picnic Box Version 1

I didn't get a monthly box from Julep this month so when they had a mystery box come available I jumped on it. I NEED my polish fix ;)  The mystery box this month was themed for a Picnic.  I love that Julep gets to me so fast and if you want to do some add-ons they come with my mystery box. This month I added on a Freedom topcoat since I was almost out and I love love love this top coat.

First look - I love the way Julep  packs their boxes. Everything is always so wrapped up.  

My Picnic Mystery Box Version 1:
  • Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub - I'm not sure I've ever used a lip scrub before but this smells awesome so I will give it a try. Julep  says it will leave your lips soft, smooth, and ready for color (or kisses) I think I might have to recruit M to try it out. ;)
  • Nan - a Nantucket Red Creme - I'm so excited to get this one. I don't get every month and the Nantucket collection was one I missed out with Nan being a favorite from it.
  • Evie - a fresh pricked raspberry creme with gold shimmer - this is the exclusive to the picnic mystery boxes and part of the reason I easily jumped on board. This is so pretty.
  • Marie - sheer lavender jelly nail glaze - This is one of Julep s Rock Candy Nail Glazes and I've never used a jelly glaze plus I love purple so this will be going on my nails soon.
  • Zora - frosted pink pearl shimmer - I'll be honest this is a little light for me but I recently got and email from Julep  about how to get a good white color nails and I'm assuming I can use it with other lighter color polishes I just haven't tried it yet. Basically you put a layer of matte top coat between your two layers of color.  So I will give that a try with this one and I can always use it as a base for a glitter. Glitter makes everything better.
  • Freedom top coat - This was an add-on for me. As I said above I love this and go through it so fast that I had to grab me a new one since the one I have is running low. :)
All in all I'm very happy with my mystery box.  Did you get the Julep  picnic mystery box? Which version did you get and what do you think?


disclaimer: My affiliate link is above if you use it to sign up for their Maven club then I will get points to use for future add-ons.

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