Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Jenn over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts:

  • I'm still trying to figure out the BB house. The guests for the most part get along but do they really?  I'm wondering if some of them are just good at going with the flow more then others.  I'm really excited for the double elimination tonight. They are always fun and with all the sitting on the top tension it could get interesting.  I'm hoping that one of the going homes is Amanda since she is really annoying me and then if the other is Candice they will have a week in the Jury house together and that would be awesome. LOL
  • We are only in our first full week of school and WOW its as much work on the mom as it is on the kid. ;) Getting everyone up and ready with lunches and homework done its alot. Thank goodness for my great neighbor who is taking N with her for carpool. C has been sleeping through afternoon time so I was waking him up and now I don't have too.  Plus N loves riding with the girls :)
  • I'm going scrapping at Archivers with my girls this Saturday. We used to go around 4 and then it was 3 and 2 but now we are closer to noon. You don't think our once a month Saturdays we are all so ready to get out of our houses do you?  Love me some scrapping with the girls.
  • Ok back to school. I ordered some new containers from Pottery Barn Kids today. They have them onsale and free shipping. N is going to love the Star Wars ones but now I need to come up with some food ideas.  Anyone know anything good for a picky eater? So far he has had half a cheese sandwich, fruit snacks, fruit of some kind, and something crunchy like goldfish, vanilla wafers or pretzels.  Any other thoughts and ideas? He doesn't eat peanut butter or lunch meat.  I'm already lost.
  • I'm trying to remember what all N and I did when he was Cs age? Of course I was also oh so pregnant so I'm sure we didn't do much but C and I need some outlets.  I'm thinking we may have to explore the library and museums some once we get into the swing of things with Ns school.
So those are my random thoughts for the day. What are you thinking?


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  1. When you find some ideas of things to do you let me know!

    I get all crazy with lunch ideas. Would he do Nutella? Bagels and cream cheese? Chips and salsa (L will only eat nacho cheese). Mini Pizzas?


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