Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Morning Musings

So its Monday again and the start of my next 16+years :)  N starts school full-time today so we will be getting up and out of the house everyday. With him going to a year round school we won't even have the lazy summers to get off of schedule. I'm thinking that is a good thing since N is my late night owl already anyway so once we get into the earlier routine we need to stick with it.

Oh my oven piece finally came in and M fixed it this weekend. I'm beyond excited and ready to start baking something. Not sure what but something will have to be baked this week.

We didn't have an overly exciting weekend. M had the Beer, Bourbon  & BBQ festival Friday night and all day Saturday so the boys and I just hung at home.  Sunday we went out to meet the Pack day at the football stadium.  We made a lap and let the boys look around. Its hard to believe that its almost football time already. Our first game is the 31st and we're ready.  Hoping this pretty weather lasts. I could really do with no games over 100 degs this year.

Not sure what boxes I'll be getting this week.  I know that some POPSugar Musthave boxes have shipped and Ipsy and Citrus Lane are both early month boxes.  I should also be getting my Sweet Pea Box soon too (FYI the shirt N is wearing above came in our July box. We love this shirt.).  I'm expecting end of the week or early next week to be getting all of the boxes.  It will be happy mail day here soon. :)

C and I are going to start figuring out our routine now that we have 9 weeks to work on it. He doesn't start preschool until after Labor Day. He wanted to stay in school with N today so lets hope that is the case when its his turn too. :)

Have a great week everyone!!!

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  1. UGH, school! We tried to get all of Kyle's stuff that he needs for school this weekend. I should have the boys all ready by the end of the week!!!!

  2. I *need* to get WB and I on a routine once L starts school. No more sleeping in until 9am for us!


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