Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Morning Musings

Wow what a busy busy weekend.  I worked my friends Stampin' Up Consignment sale on Saturday. This is me and the ladies right before we opened the doors. :)  I hope to have a post on the sale later this week. It was so much fun.  If you're in the area and want to get on the list for next year just send me a message and I will pass your email on.

Then Sunday we went out run errands and M had a meeting so the boys and I had an impromptu photo session. Here are a couple of the many many photos I took. If they were going to cooperate I was taking advantage. :)

I'm not expecting a ton of boxes this week which makes me sad. Possible my Julep and then I jumped at a Bonjour Jolie mystery box yesterday so I'm very curious to see what that is all about. On top of those N has picture day tomorrow and I have Cs open house and meet the teacher on Wed. Next week C starts preschool two days a week so I will have a couple hours each week without kids. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself but I know it will go way too fast.

How was your weekend?  What are you up to this week?


 disclaimer: Yes that is my link up there. You sign up through me and I get credits for future purchases.


  1. I hope to make the sale....maybe next year!!!

  2. You need to post a picture of all of the sale stuff! Before and after!!


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