Friday, August 30, 2013

Washi Tape Pencil Holder

So as I've said before I'm addicted to Washi tape so this afternoon when my son was collecting all of the random pencils from around the house* I had the great idea to make a pencil holder with my fancy tape as he calls it.

This is the final product. It is by no means perfect but it works and with my little helpers and for a first run I think its really cute. I could also see doing this and filling it with stuff when you need to send a gift or something too.  It would be really cute as the gift holder.

So what all did I use?

 Just some Washi tape and a Red Solo Cup. I mean really who doesn't have Red Solo cups lying around. ;)

Then I started placing the tape on the cup down the sides.  This started ok but as you see below I wasn't very straight. :/

So on the back there was some overlapping. I think if I try it again I may start it with an angle from the get go and see how that works. Or if I don't have my helpers I may be able to get it straighter when I'm laying it down.  Even with this it still looks pretty good.

Once we had it done N decided that we needed a topper for it. We had not used this Washi tape since all of the words would have been sideways so I placed it around the top and it really is cute.

And finally the final product.

I really do like it and we have placed it with the art supplies so we will always have pencils at the ready.

So what do you think? Have you caught the Washi bug yet? What have you created with it?


* Does anyone else have these random fancy pencils unsharpened all over their house? I really think they multiple every time they hit the floor. I mean really.


  1. Love this!! I need to get my red solo cups out and make one! Although I do like to fill my red solo cups with other things....;)

    But....Keegan would love this!!! Great idea! I *think* I might have some washi to spare....

  2. That is adorable! And yes, I too have a zillion unsharpened pencils!


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