Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ipsy Aug 2013 Box

My Ipsy bag came yesterday. I have to say overall Ipsy is probably my favorite subscription box out of all the ones I get. If you don't know it is a beauty bag that comes once a month for $10. For the price I think its really a great value. With that being said this months bag so far is just meh to me. Will I use and try everything yes but nothing (from first look) is overly exciting. This can be changed though as I use the products which sometimes happens and I fall in love with something. :)

Here are the products I got this month.

And now for the details:
  • Pixi Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Black - This is the cutest travel size and I love the brand. I have a ton of mascaras from all these boxes and bags right now I might pass this one on or I'll toss it in my togo bag for my travels this fall. I'll have to decide on that.
  • Pacifica Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream - I love Pacifica products and have not tried their BB cream yet. I'm going to add this to my cream stash and give it a try out.
  • Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub - I love a good facial scrub and I've never used a charcoal product so this looks good. I've been reading good comments about this brand and I've never tried it so that is another plus. That is really part of why I love all these bags is finding new companies and products that I haven't heard before.  I don't have time and I wouldn't subject myself or anyone else to have my boys with me in Ulta or Sephora to actually take time and really look around. That would be painful for all involved ;)
  • City Color Cheek Stain in Pink - I'm just getting into the creamy blushes I normally do a powder but of the ones I've tried I do like them. this is a stick which I think will be an easier application so excited to try this too. I do have an issue with this one but its not a product problem my bag was a little worse for wear when it got here this month and this plastic lid is cracked and broken. I sent  Ipsy a message and we'll see what they do. The lid doesn't stay on so I'm not sure I want to peel the seal off until I have a good way to store the product since it will dry out and get everything pink.  When I hear back I will let everyone know what they say.
  • Noya Lip Balm in Vanilla - you all know I'm a gloss/balm girl so this is going right in my purse. I will have to keep it hidden from C since he is a chapstick fiend and keeps stealing all my tubes and lets just say you don't really want them back after the 2yr old has had them. LOL
  • The bag - definitely not my favorite of the bunch that we've gotten its just not my style but it is a good size and I'm sure I will find something I need to store in it.  I do have a small collection forming of these bags hmm I wonder if they need to have a picture party one day. Ok that is silly  but I'm in that kindof mood this morning. :)
So what do you think of this months Ipsy? They have started sending out some variations in the bags so other people may have gotten different products then I did.  Did you get a bag? What did you get? What are you most excited to try out?


disclaimer: You guessed it that is my affiliate link and for every two people who sign up for Ipsy with my link I get a free extra goodie in my bag.

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