Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Morning Musings

Good Monday Morning!!!

How was everyone's weekend?  I had a great birthday weekend and am now fully ensconced in the 40s club. :) My friends had a get together on Friday and then Saturday the boys and I went to the park and enjoyed the day before we got a chance to watch the NCState Wolfpack win their basketball game that night.  WootWoot.  Sunday we stayed home and I just enjoyed the day pretty much doing nothing. It was AWESOME!!!

Celebrating with my sis

Not much going on this week.  C is on spring break so he is here with me for the week. It is Ns last week before track out so they are doing all the end of quarter stuff.  He is really excited.

This coming weekend they are both going to my mom's house and my friends are coming over to scrap the weekend away. We will have a blast and I'm hoping to get lots done but normally I do a lot of talking so we will see how it goes.

Shh don't tell but C and I are having cake for breakfast. :) I think that is a great start to Spring Break LOL he deserves it with all the errands we are getting ready to run. I need him to start in a happy mood.

So what are you guys up to this week? Are your kids are spring break already?
Have a great one,

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