Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

It's been a busy morning so not that its almost 5 I'm going to link up with Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • I have no idea where all the day went today. C and I had a couple errands to run and then I came home and did some Disney work and a little training but then WOW it was time for N to get home and now it's time for dinner. So crazy.
  • Speaking of errands I got some bad chicken at Harris Teeter the other day. I opened the bag last night and about passed out. It smelled so bad. So I sealed it back up and threw it out.  Then I took my receipt back to them and told customer service what happened and she refunded my money. However they have a double back guarantee on fresh items so she gave me twice what I paid. I had no clue they did that but it was so nice and they were so good about it.  I love my local store even when you get the occasional bad item. 
  • I finally ordered my Stampin' Up Sale-a-bration order. I've been talking about it and looking at it since mid Jan and I finally ordered today. I'm hoping it gets here by next weekend so that I have it to use when the girls come over to scrap. :)
  • I have now discovered why people put their gaming systems in another room. My boys are obsessed with Madden Football and Disney Infinity and they always want to play. Well the PS3 is on our main tv so when they want to play I can't watch anything.  :( I think this is what is causing me to be so behind in all my shows. I swear I was just caught up and now I'm weeks behind again.
  • And this has absolutely nothing to do with anything above but I won a Divergent prize pack and when I picked it up yesterday it had a poster rolled up. Well of course I had to open it when I got in the car and uhm WOW is it a good one ;)  I keep wondering if M will notice if I put this in our bedroom. LOL

So that is is for my late entry on this rainy cold day here. Hope you are having a great Thursday.


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