Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

And I'm back or another Thursday and to link up with Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • This weather is crazy. We loved the 70s yesterday but the temperature will be dropping through out today and it will be in the 30s this afternoon. Brrr.  I'm ready for 70s everyday or as I call it jeans and tshirt weather.  Of course that means I still need to go shopping for some new jeans. Hmmm
  • Why do my boys go to bed so easily one night and the next night its like pulling teeth. I mean really we do the same thing every night how hard can it be.
  • Ns school is participating in JumpRope for the Heart this year.  I didn't even know he knew how to jumprope but he tells me he does.  Who knew but this is a good cause.  Here is his link  (Noah's Page) if you would like to donate.  We will be working on his website the next couple of days so check back for updates too.
  • Ah N he has his first loose tooth. What do you all do for a lost tooth? Anything special for his first one? He is pretty excited but we haven't really talked about messing with it so that it will come out faster so it could be in there awhile. LOL  I'm guessing a couple dollars but I'd love some other ideas.
  • Speaking of websites do you follow my travel site on Facebook yet? I post tons of fun info and also it is where I will post the discounts first as soon as they are released.  You can find it here Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel . Oh and you get fun photos of me like this. :)

  • Oh and since I just noticed it has already started to rain some here. This is going to be a stay inside and not do much day :)  I do need to work on consignment sale tagging so today should be good for that. We shall see.
That is all from here for now. Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

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