Sunday, March 22, 2015

Snail Mail Sunday

I'm back and again "borrowing" this one from my friend over at Surviving as a Mom.  I love reading her post every Sunday and seeing what she has gotten in the mail so I'm going to try. I can't say I will do it every week but we'll see how it goes. :)

If you've known me for awhile I sign up for most things I see online. I do skip things that I really just don't see any use for and don't know anyone I could pass it on to but really I'm sure that isn't too many items. LOL  What I need to do is start a list of things I sign up for that I can cross off when I actually get them. Hmm something to go and get a new little notebook for ;) 

This week I got:
  • Good Housekeeping Magazine - I will flip through this and then pass it on.
  • Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash - this one came from an online Sams sample.  Since I'm kindof picky about my body wash this will go in my donation basket and I will pass it on.
  • Disney Parks 2015 DVD - Since I don't remember signing up and asking them to send me this I'm going with it being a mail freebie.  My boys love these DVDs but I haven't gotten any that I've used in a couple years so they will like watching this.
So that was it this week. Not a ton but all good items. I did get a ton of birthday cards and then my regular mail so the box was pretty full everyday. I love getting mail and I love when my box is full. :)

Did you get any good mail this week? Here is to hoping for another fun mail goodies week.

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