Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Back to a normal routine this week so I'm here to talk some TV with you.  You know how it goes I ramble on and on so there are very possible some spoilers here. And since I watch almost everything on the Tivo these are necessarily shows from this week but they are ones I've recently watched.

Let's start with our weekly Walking Dead chat.  I really liked this episode. I liked the gang going into Alexandria and them taking it careful and kindof playing it by ear.  I think it was a big thing for Rick to be the first to really clean up his act and shave that beard although he looks so different with a clear face. I hope he goes back to a nice little scruff.  Stubble is hot on him ;)  Now if we can get Daryll in a shower scene the whole Internet might explode and everyone will be overjoyed.  Now back to the episode. I like that Carol is kinfo playing under the radar. We all know she is a badass but the people of the town don't and by playing weak I think people are more likely to open up to her and she can get the lay of the area.  Daryll is going to have a hard time. I don't think he was ever Mr. Popular and being in such a society is not his thing. He will stay since his family is there but he will always be skiddish. Oh and the above picture might be one of my favorite lines from him every.  I loved the "We brought dinner"  that was just Awesome.  Oh and can we talk about Rick's gun? Who do you guys think took it? The girl that Carl was following? The guys that Deana had exiled? Someone else from Alexandria or possible another random person all together?  I'm guessing we will be at this location for awhile so I think it will be good to start seeing some people struggles and not just walkers all the time.

So I realized last weekend with all the snow that I was a couple weeks behind on Supernatural. I know how in the world could I let that happen?  Anyway I finally watched the last new episode and while I liked everyone back in the show I don't like that this mark is really starting to get to Dean. I'm guessing that they will really get into this when it comes back in a couple weeks and this will be what we deal with for the second half of the season.  Oh and I'm kindof over Crowley's mom so I'm hoping they take care of her soon.  I'm not sure how he will feel about that but I do think he will take the boys over his mom in the long run. He knows they are a family of sort and in a weird way they bring a balance to each other.

I know I've talked about this show before but does anyone else watch The Originals?  I'm addicted to it and I even like it better then I do Vampire Diaries right now.  The last episode was all about the werewolf wedding and I thought it was really sweet and pretty perfect for them. I'm a huge fan of Nathan Parsons and I think he makes a great werewolf. ;)  I'm hoping Klaus doesn't take him out too soon and that he and Hayley get a little good time together. As much as I really like her with Elijah I think that Jackson is a good fit for her.

So those are my random shows or the week. Lots of shows are in reruns right not but they are starting to all come back. I'm excited for the end of the season and the action and build up that always seems to come with it.

Happy Viewing!!!

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