Tuesday, March 31, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!  Who wants to talk some TV?

So who watched the finale of Pretty Little Liars? I was a couple episodes behind so I had a mini-marathon last week and was all caught up. Can we say WOWsers.  I'm not surprised that they didn't really show us a face for who A is but I do like the twist of the show still making it a DiLaurentis of course we don't really know who Charles is or how he fits into the family but looks like it is a boy anyway.  Now that dollhouse of his is downright creepy. He went to so much detail for each of them its really weird. I am very glad that Mona is still alive. She really adds something to the group I think. And can we talk about Andrew? He has to be involved somehow I'm thinking. He is a blond so I wonder if he is also related to Ali and her family or my other idea is that he is all Jump Street and is really a cop of somekind.  Not sure either is a great theory but both are in my head right now.

Oh WOW now we need to talk about the Walking Dead.  Who all watched the finale? or maybe I should ask who didn't watch the finale :)  I'm thinking that the wolves will really be a big thing next season at least for a little bit. They do not look to be up to any good and could really cause problems for our group. I love love loved seeing so much of Morgan this week and knowing that he will be back at least for a bit next season. I find it so funny that everyone is so excited for him and he really hasn't been in the show too much. I think its the slow tease that they show him a bit here and there that really helps. I hope that we get to keep enjoying him when he is on more.  Oh and lets talk about Father Gabriel. Uhm that man needs to go. I don't think he left the gate open on purpose but he definitely has some issues and I think the people of Alexandria could really use a person like him to talk to so I hope he pulls it together.  So now we are on the long hellatus until the fall for more new episodes but we will get the spin off this summer which looks pretty good. I can't wait to see how the walkers all started.

So that's about it for today. Have some great TV watching this week!!!

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