Tuesday, March 10, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Hi everyone!!! C and I have been out and about all day today in the beautiful weather we are having here so I'm just getting a chance to do some TV talking.

Of course I'm starting with the Walking Dead. I really liked the episode this week. While it wasn't all walkers and fighting it is starting to show the interpersonal between our group and the Alexandria people.  And can we just say Carol oh my that lady is just crazy. Did she really threaten a little boy? I mean does she really think that is going to work in the long run? You know he is going to tell someone?  And then look at Rick he kissed the girl and uhm they had that look right after.  Then he is talking to her husband who while being a doctor sure does drink alot. You would think the doctor in a zombie apocalypse would always need to be on his toes since who knows when something crazy is going to happen.  Rick put his hand on his gun like he was going to take the guy out.  WOWsers.  I will say I do like that Daryll looks to have made a couple friends. He and Aaron are good together and him getting a motorcycle will be good for his runs out in the wild which is what he needs. He doesn't really fit the mold of the neighborhood.  I know we don't have many episodes left but I'm ready to see what happens.

I spent some time last week catching up with Pretty Little Liars. I still really like the show but I really like binging it so I Tivo a couple weeks and then watch.  So who do you all think is A? They keep telling us there is a big reveal coming but I feel like it will be another misdirection.  I think they need to give us either the real A and see how that plays out or a really good suspect and not something that we all go No Way.  I feel so sad for Mike though. He really did love Mona and with all the new information I'm thinking that Mona is really a goner. I think she had a good plan but she was double crossed and that sucks.  Did anyone else think it was odd that Spencer was hanging with a random guy in Europe that is kindof out of nowhere? I mean ok she went over there for a reason but then she ends up with her sisters flatmate? It just seemed kindof odd and random to have so much time spent on it.

So I've mentioned Hindsight before but I'm still really loving this show. Even with it being set in a flashback they don't dwell on it being 1995 they just kindof let it be 1995 and I think that works well.  Also the music is AWESOME.  If you remember back in 1995 we still bought cds and listened to the whole thing over and over again ;) so while they do use some of the biggest hits I think they often use some of the not as big hits but we all know them and love them just the same.  It really works for the show.  If you haven't checked Hindsight out yet then you really need to check it out on VH1. I hope they have some long term plans for this show as I'd love to see it on for a couple years at least.

So what are your favorite shows you are watching now? Either current or past and finally finding them? I'm open to trying a new show out.

Happy Viewing,

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