Tuesday, March 17, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Good Afternoon!!!  C and I have been out enjoying this weather so I'm just getting a chance to get on and chat today. :)

Let's get a Wahoo!!! for Hindsight getting picked up for Season 2. I mean after the cliffhanger of a season finale last week they had better been picked up. Even with Becca trying to change things the blowup with Lolly still happened and the are still estranged.  I'm hoping this time they can deal with it and not let it go and end everything since really that wouldn't make much of a show if that happened. LOL  Can we also take a minute to talk about the elevator at the end? Does it take her back? is it just an elevator? I can't wait to find out.  If you don't already watch Hindsight then try and catch it now and be ready for season 2. It is so great.

And now for my weekly Walking Dead.  I was flipping out at this weeks episode. OMG I knew that Noah was going to die since the actor got cast in another show but still I wasn't expecting it like that. I mean WOW that was a graphic intense death even for the walking dead.  RIP Noah.  Also the gang is obviously taking over the town one job at a time and while we also knew it was coming I'm glad that its just kindof falling into place. Of course with the new info on the doctor an with Father Gabriel spreading all the demon news I can see it coming to a head soon.  The last couple of episodes are going to be interesting. Oh and I had to use the above picture since Abraham said the best line of the night in Mother Dick. LOL I was rolling when he said it and thought it was so perfect for him.

So that is it for this week. My new shows are back on the week and I can't wait to watch the Flash Arrow and Supernatural. I NEED to get my boys fix in ;)

I'll be back next week to chat some more.  
Have a great rest of your Tuesday!!!

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