Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Musings

Well it's not morning but it is Monday so I'm doing good :)

We had a busy morning already since someone scheduled N for a dentist appointment first thing in the morning of his first day of track out. What in the world was I thinking. LOL  I did schedule his next one for 11 so I hope I appreciate that when he is tracked out this fall.  C had to go to school this morning so I was up but I wouldn't have had to wake N up. We have no morning plans tomorrow so I'm hoping they will both sleep in but of course I'm sure they will wake up bright and early since we have nothing to do.

So the boys spent the weekend at my mom's house since I had friends over to scrapbook and while there they went shopping. N had them buy football gloves. I'm not sure he took them off until late yesterday. He even wore them to the Easter Egg hunt we went to yesterday afternoon.  LOL  I was going through my pictures and cropped this one to my boys.  Pretty sure C is playing peek-a-boo ;) yay letsgo with that.

This picture came up on my Timehop last week and I immediately thought that C was having a Breakfast Club moment.  I love pictures from behind of the boys and this was just an awesome one to see.  I really love Timehop and seeing a snapshot of our lives. It is so fun.

So let's see we don't really have tons of plans for this week. With it being the first week of track out both boys have doctor appointments of different kinds and then C has his Easter Hat parade at school. I love the Easter Hat parade and all the kids walking in. It is so cute.

We are staying home for Easter this weekend so we will probably hide some eggs for the boys to find and then if the weather holds out just work outside and have fun.  We are planning to add some monkey bars to our swingset so we need a couple good weather days for that. I also need to work on my little container garden since things are starting to come back out I need to clean out the old stuff in there.

That's about it for today. Have a great rest of your Monday and I'll be back tomorrow for some TV talk.

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