Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

I'm back again for some Friday Favorites with a couple things I'm loving this week.

I like to listen to books in the car. The boys and I have been going through the Harry Potter series but I needed a break from that so I went looking around on the libraries site and came across these.  I liked Kami Garcia's Beautiful Creatures series so I decided to give this one a try.  First it is spoken by Candice Accola from the Vampire Diaries so I keep hearing Caroline coming through. This is not a bad thing as the main girl in the book Kennedy is pretty kick ass just like Caroline so it works.  Then they referenced the Lost Boys movie and I'm loving this book so far.  The Lost Boys is an AWESOME movie if you haven't seen it and one of the characters loves the soundtrack and I totally agree.

Spring starts this evening and it has me excited since it marks the official beginning of jeans and t-shirt weather. Oh and lets not forget my birthday on Sunday ;) It is only my favorite day of the whole year.  I also love the colors of spring. Everything looks so bright and new and clean and fresh. So pretty.

Oh my did anyone else watch games yesterday? I had them on off and on through out the day until the NCState game came out.  It did not start out good and then right before halftime I started doing some Disney work so when I came back with a couple minutes left it was closer but I still thought we would be one and out but WOW Holy Crap we came back and won with a last second basket.  Amazing and so intense I'm surprised I didn't wake up the boys I was screaming so loud. LOL  When I was watching the highlights it looks like there were a lot of close games yesterday which is so rare in the first round. I can't wait for more games this weekend.

I finally ordered my Stampin' Up Sale-a-bration order and its in picking which means it will ship soon. These are two of the goodies I selected for free with my order and I can't wait to get my hands on them.  So exciting.

Target Clearance. I always love to have time to walk around and see what I can find. I purchased a couple of these album in a nice apple green when they got marked 50% off but the other day I was able to find this great pink one at 70% off. Wahoo. Since there was only one and it usually takes two for me to put a year in I plan to use this one to store my pocket pages so they are easy for me to grab and then if I have a project that just needs one album I'll be ready to go. I may need to go and see if I can find more of these at another Target. I can't been scrapbooking albums for under $6.

So I'm watching the Flash as I'm working on this and Roger Howarth is on this week. Since I also watch General Hospital and I love him I just had to smile since on one of he GH episodes they were talking about a tv actor and he said that I heard he has a recurring role on The Flash now.  I laughed then and I chuckled again this morning as I'm watching him on the Flash. I know he is just recurring but I hope that he sticks around for awhile.

So that is my Friday Faves. What are you liking right now?
Have a great weekend,

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