Tuesday, March 24, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Good Evening!!!  C and I have been out and about all day today so I'm just getting a chance to get on and finish up my talk.

Starting this week off with Glee.  I have not been one to watch from the beginning but I have watched on and off and even if I haven't watched the whole thing I do love watching the musical numbers online. Plus the Glee Pandora station is AWESOME!!!  So I did watching the finale on Friday and I loved it. I loved the look back and how everyone met and then the Cory Monteith bit was pretty perfect.  The second hour was all I ask for in a finale. It was a whats going on now and flashforward to what is happening in the future. I loved it. I do not like when either a show doesn't know its ending or they do and they kindof ignore it and nothing is really settled. Glee finished out on a high note and let us all know that it works out in the end.

Now onto out weekly Walking Dead talk.  So this weeks episode. Uhm I'm not really sure what to say about it. I think Rick has lost is ever loving mind.  LOL I'm curious to see how they deal with him in the finale next week. They have to do something but I think just as Deana said that they need Pete since he is a surgeon she also knows they need Rick since he leads the group and that is also important.  So many ways they could take it I think and 90 minutes next week just doesn't seem nearly long enough for all I want them to do.  I am hoping they do at least give us an idea of the who is doing the W( well I'm calling them a W but so many people online are saying a possible M but for now I'm keeping W).  I'm thinking they can't be good and why in the world would you just mark the head and not kill the thing. I mean its not like the walkers are going to just sit there while you carve into their head.  I am going with whoever they are they are not good and will cause some trouble for the people in Alexandria.

So The Flash last week just blew my mind. I was like what the what and then it comes out that it was time travel.  I guess that Barry really did run that fast.  I'm curious to see how that works into the story.  

So that is my chat for tonight. I've got 2 episodes of Pretty Little Liars to watch before I can watch the big ReveAl tonight so I'm going to work through those.  I'm sure to talk about it next week.

Happy TV watching,

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