Sunday, March 15, 2015

Snail Mail Sunday

I'm totally "borrowing" this one from my friend over at Surviving as a Mom.  I love reading her post every Sunday and seeing what she has gotten in the mail so I'm going to try. I can't say I will do it every week but we'll see how it goes. :)

If you've known me for awhile I sign up for most things I see online. I do skip things that I really just don't see any use for and don't know anyone I could pass it on to but really I'm sure that isn't too many items. LOL  What I need to do is start a list of things I sign up for that I can cross off when I actually get them. Hmm something to go and get a new little notebook for ;)

This week I got:
  • Family Fun and Parents magazine  - I usually flip through these and take out any coupons that I will use. Then I pass them on to a friend or I let the boys use them for cutting out pictures etc before putting them in the recycle bin.
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair - this came from a Walmart sample and it is huge.  Usually when I get samples from Walmart an Target they are small size but this one is huge.  My boys skin has been really dry lately so I'm hoping they will let me use this on them.
  • Some Jamberry wraps - I was invited to a FB party for a friend and I won a contest in there for some accent nails. These are the first Jamberry's that I've ever had and I'm already used one of them. They are fun and very different then what I was expecting in a good way. During the party she decided to sign up so if you are interested check out her site
  • Julep Hartleigh - Another contest win. This one over from Hello Subscription.   I am a nailpolish girl but I've been on a little bit of a pause in my monthly Julep boxes until I use some of my stash ;)  So I was very excited to win a new bottle and can't wait to put it on.
So all in all not a bad week I don't think.  Lots of fun goodies for me to play with.  What do you think? Do you sign up for lots of freebies and contests? What was your favorite win?
Happy Sunday,

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