Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Autumn Tag

Good afternoon everyone!!!  It has been a crazy busy day today but home now and catching up. I've been tagged by Only Average Mom for an Autumn Tag and I decided to join in on the fun.

I've never done a seasonal tag but this is alot of fun.  And here we go.

Favorite Thing About Autumn
I love the colors. I'm definitely a fall color girl. With the colors comes the coolerish air and I can slip on a pair of jeans everyday. That is heaven on earth.

Favorite Drink
Hot Apple Cider for sure. I love it out of my Keurig and since I don't drink coffee fall is when my machine really starts getting its workout.

Favorite Scent/Candle
I'm a Yankee Candle snob but I love Macintosh apple and pumpkin pie. Really almost any of the fall scents will make me happy. Speaking of I need to get some candles out and start burning them.

Best Lipstick
Well I don't wear lipstick so I'll go with gloss and as always it is Dr Pepper LipSmakers.  I can't leave the house without it and I'm always putting it on. Even when I start with something else I end up putting this on sometime throughout the day.

Go-to Moisturizer
Again I don't really have a go-to but I've been trying to use all the samples I get from my subscription boxes. :)  We do always have regular ole Cetaphil downstairs for the boys so if I need some while sitting in the family room I can always grab that.

Favorite Go-to Color for the Eyes
My eyes are really dark as are my lashes and eyebrows so I usually do a neutral pallette however I've been getting all these fun fall colors in my boxes so I'm going to try and venture out a bit from my comfort zone. I have some girl night events this fall and those sound like great times to play.

Favorite Music to Listen To
Uhm I have two boys so when we have music on its usually Handy Manny or Mickey Mouse. LOL but if I'm going somewhere alone I'll click on Pandora and turn on the Bare Naked Ladies channel or Rock of Ages soundtrack channel.  Truly try those channels out they have great music that you know and can sing along too.  I've also been known to rock the NKOTB channel too when I really want to get my song on. ;)

Favorite Outfit to Wear
Ah Fall my favorite jeans and t-shirt weather. I love the ease of getting dressed when all shirts match my jeans plus jeans are my go to pants and I just love them.

Autumn Treat
Not sure about my treat choice and something that I get in Autumn but we do always go to the State Fair so all those really bad for you but oh so good things there are definitely a treat.  Everything is fried to deliciousness.

Favorite Place to Be
I'd love to go to WDW each Fall but I don't always make it. I love the Halloween and fall decorations and the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. Its such a great time of year to go. Ok now I'm making myself upset we aren't doing that this year. I'm going to have to plan my trip to there for next year soon ;)

There you have it my Autumn Tag!!!  I'm going to tag the following person for the tag and if you aren't on the list but want to play along just let me know in the comments and I'll add you to the list.

Michelle over at 3 monkeys throwing around some paper

So what are your favorite fall things? 


Disclaimer: The links above will take you to other peoples blogs. :)


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  3. Hey Jenny, saw your comment just stopped by to check out your tag. LOL Handy Manny lol! That was so funny. I don't have kids but I know of the show. I use to wear Lip Smackers back in junior high, I haven't bought one in years but I had tons of yummy flavors. Have you tried eos the organic lip balms that are shaped like eggs, those are my favorites!

    Wow somehow my comment got messed up twice!


    1. I have tried the eos and in my subscription boxes I get lots of glosses but I have to have my dr pepper close at hand ;) My husband says its an addiction.

  4. Hi Jenny!
    I feel you on the Handy Manny, but instead of that, we have Sophia the First, and The Little Mermaid songs on all. day. long. It's funny how being a mom changes what we "get" to listen to :)
    Thanks for playing tag!


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