Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So What Wednesday 10/02/2013

Another Wednesday and another link up for So What Wednesday. This week I'm saying So What If...

  • I was setting up my season pass for The Originals and I realized that I have 58 season passes on my Tivo.  They are not on all the time and they are a combination of 4 peoples shows. ;)
  • I think I got a little to excited when Sebastian Roche showed back up on GH last week as Jerry Jax.  They had been mentioning his name but I wasn't sure if they would use him or not. That man is one hot looking man and that accent. WOW he can say anything. I actually met him at a Supernatural Convention and he is just as great in person.

  • N has been out for 3 days so far and we've been doing so many activities but today is a stay at home day.
  • I ordered N a Rainbow Loom and it should be here today. The girls next door have been showing him how to make the bracelets and he wanted his own loom.
  • I still haven't booked our mountain trip for next week.  I had to wait and make sure the park was still going to be open and it is a state park so we should be good to go now I just need to decide on a hotel.
So that's my random So Whats this week.  Are you linking up? What are you saying So What to?



  1. Enjoy your mountain trip....when you book it!!!

  2. Glad the park you're visiting isn't shutdown. Enjoy!

    1. Yes its a state park so their site says they are open. Now I'm watching the weather since earlier today they are watching that tropical storm and it could be drenching my state early next week. Not the weather I want for hiking so I'll keep an eye on it and we may have to punt and find something else.


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