Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Randomness 10/4/2013

So I really need this again this week so here we go. (And did you notice I made a banner this week? :))

  • I had all these thoughts yesterday and thought of doing a Thursday Thoughts part 2 but didn't take time to sit down and right them and now I'm stumped as to what it was. LOL Not like I don't have all these little notebooks around here that I could be writing them down in.
  • Vampire Diaries was pretty good last night. Has anyone else watched yet?  I loved college Elena. They also set up alot of new stories since Klaus is gone now they had to go another direction and looks like they have set up many things to come.
  • I also watched the Originals and I had heard that there was a lot of the same footage that was shown in the spring so I wasn't expecting much but there really was so much new stuff in there and so much explanation that I'm glad I watched it. I can't wait to see how this series plays out. It will be a good companion to Supernatural on Tuesdays.
  • We will see how it goes this afternoon. They boys have the flu mist appointments. I'm not thinking it will be fun for any of us :(
  • Why is it that no matter how tired you are if a movie you like no matter how many times you've seen it comes on you change the channel to it and watch.  Bedtime what is that? :) Last night it was Breaking Dawn Part 1. Between the times I've read the book and seen the movie you'd think I wouldn't have to watch it but I couldn't help myself.
So what randomness do you have rolling around in your head today?  Any good plans for the weekend?


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  1. How was the appointment for the mist? I need to take my boys in. WB actually needs a full on flu shot though. L is fine to get the mist, but I am guessing he'll be a little annoyed about it!


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