Thursday, October 3, 2013

Julep October 2013 Review

Yea Yea Yea I went out to check the mail and my Julep box was in there.  I had full plans to skip this month since I've gotten the last couple but when I saw the colors I just had to get them. I love fall and Halloween and this months collection was just perfect.  I actually almost upgraded to the full set but I managed to refrain by getting a couple of the add ons. :)

First look and it tells right on the box which profile you selected. I choose the IT Girl this month and got 3 polishes with that. The sticker on top that you can see but can't read says Add-ons inside.

Ok so I might be in the minority but I like candy corn however I can't eat a ton of them so this is a perfect little extra for me. I might dig into these while watching Vampire Diaries tonight.

I love how Julep packs up the polishes now. They come in these cute little boxes and then are wrapped in a sleeve. This really helps keep them from flopping all around the box and breaking in transit.

And now for what you have all been waiting to see. The polishes I got this month:
  • Ciara - a vampy magenta with teal microglitter
  • Missy - titanium metallic
  • Kendra - an army green frost
  • Cleopatra - a black latex creme (Julep did let us know there is no actual latex in the formula)
  • Casper - a glow in the dark shimmer
So what do you think? I'm in heaven and can't wait to change my nail color. I'm so curious to see how the Casper works and how it really glows.

If you are interested in Julep it is a monthly subscription box that  costs $19.99 a month. You will be able to go in and fill out your profile and then select which collection you would like to receive that month or if you want to skip the month. I've done some of both. Julep is 4-free and donates a portion of their proceeds to organizations that support women through their Powered by Girlfriends program.  You can also try your first month for just shipping if you use the code "FREEBOX".


disclaimer: Yes that is my referral link and I will get credits if you sign up through my link.

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