Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Randomness 10/11/2013

Of course I have some more randomness today.

  • Watched Good Luck Charlie with N yesterday since it was such a rainy nasty day and all I could think is that the set is the same one from the first Reba show.  Does anyone else think that?  What other shows use repeat sets?  I know that I've seen others but am drawing a blank now.
  • Went to see Beauty and the Beast last night with M. I won the tickets from a local tv station and it was a really good production. A little more tongue-n-cheek then the other versions I've seen but still pretty good.
  • The boys are obsessed with taking pictures lately.  Every time I get on FB I see how many pictures have been synced.  I was just looking and saw this cute picture of C taking a picture of N.  Now I need to get out the camera cable and see what his picture looks like.

  • No plans for this weekend so I hope to get some crafting in.  I want to make a couple pages and some cards.  N and M are going to the NCSU football game tomorrow so maybe while C naps I'll get some time. Otherwise I always have a helper and I don't really get a ton done ;)
  • Still waiting on some boxes and its like watching paint dry but I did participate in an online auction last week so I do have some packages coming each day.  It makes me so happy to get packages in the mail. I love me some mail.
  • Oh I also have some TV to catch up on. M and I are still working our way through season 1 of Revolution (we only have 3 more to go) so we haven't really been keeping up with the new season yet.  That needs to be corrected soon.
So that is what is randomly on my brain this morning.  Stay tuned later today for the Friday phone dump mountains edition.  What are you up to this weekend?  Big plans?



  1. Tomorrow's People....GOOD!!! let me know when you watch!!!

  2. Oh I and I LOVE your title page thingie....I asuume you made it?!!!

    1. I did make it. A great use for our MDS program.


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