Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Morning Musings 10/28/2013

So I missed a couple days last week since I headed to Charlotte and a new scrapbooking convention that came to town. It was pretty small but I still managed to buy some stuff ;)  Plus it was great to spend the day with Michelle from 3 Monkeys Throwing around some paper.  We shopped and talked all day. Great time!!!

Since I missed the Friday Photo Dump you get a couple today.

C has his first Harvest Party at school last week. We got to go on a wagon ride and pick a pumpkin then we went  back into the classroom and did some centers.

Then as I've said before I should have a whole scrapbook of Oh Caleb pictures. He is such a ham. The other day I was working on posting some kids clothes to sale and he wanted me to take his pictures.  I got all kinds of faces from him.  All great and all So C its not even funny.

I posted my Wantable review yesterday if you missed it. The box as usual was totally Awesome and was one of the many little packages that was waiting on me when I got home. I've started ordering some Christmas gifts and then using good coupons and deals as I see them.  Another one that I got was from HauteLook. I had some credits with them from people joining through my link (Thanks!!!) that were going to expire so I got on and managed to get an Urban Decay Lip Gloss in Perversion for only $.62. Talk about an awesome deal and I'm loving the gloss.

So I think that is my weekend in review for you.  I'm glad to be home and looking forward to Halloween week. N has his first kindergarten field trip on Tuesday and my mom comes on Wednesday and of course the big day on Thursday.  Busy but oh so fun week. Today C and I are heading out to take my sister to lunch and drop off some warm clothes I brought from home for her.  Not cold here this week but last week was chilly and I know it will be coming back soon.

I don't think I'm getting any boxes this week. I've kindof been cutting back with the holidays coming up but I'm sure to start back into them after the new year again ;)  There are many that I want to try out.

How was your weekend? What is your week looking like coming up?  Are you thinking anything random today?


disclaimer: You know it those are my referral links up there and I will get credits if you order through me however as always all opinions are my own.

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