Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Musings 10/14/2013

So how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good until Sunday night but we'll get to that.

  • I spent Friday night catching up on some tv. I realized I hadn't watched The Vampire Diaries from last week yet and then I watched the Tomorrow People too.  I really enjoyed both shows. I'm hoping that the Tomorrow People makes it and gets picked up.  It really has a great premise and I already want to see where it goes.
  • Saturday we all got to go to the NCState football game. They didn't play well at all  but we had a good time even in the drizzly rain.  C was a hoot and really got into screaming GO State at the top of his lungs. He is such a ham.
hamming it up with Nana

 N was not excited to take a picture

  very serious watching the game

  • Sunday the boys and I went to Target and I'm just going to say sorry to those of you that have to shop on the weekends. That place was crazy and it was only 11am in the morning. I'm so used to going during the week now when its nice and calm.
  • Got to watch the Walking Dead last night. This is the first season that I'm actually caught up so I get to watch with everyone. Can I just say WOW I thought it was a great start. Did anyone else notice that Zach was played by Kyle Gallner who played Beaver on Veronica Mars and he was not a good guy on that show so I was ok with what happened to him ;)  I do like him so was hoping he stuck around but it was not to be.
 RIP Zach on the WD

  • So this is why Sunday night sucked. Just as the Walking Dead started I heard N upstairs and knew something was wrong.  Up I went and got him to the bathroom and sure enough puke. :( Nothing like a sick kid to ruin your evening.  He doesn't get sick very often and I'm pretty sure the last time he puked I was really pregnant with C so about 3 years ago.  Hoping it passes fast.
  • Realized today that there is no mail tomorrow and that makes me very sad. I am expecting a couple different boxes this week so  be looking for those posts. I also had a chance to make a card today that I'm loving so I'll share that with you too when I get a chance.
So what is on your plate this week?  Anything fun and exciting?



  1. I think they said on Talking Dead that he also plays the voice of Fenisus and Ferb....or how ever you spell that show!!!!
    Hope Noah is better today!!!!

    1. The guy that voiced Phineus is the one that plays Patrick. So the kid at the end ;)


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