Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Disney Washi Tape Shaker Card

I've been inspired by Michelle over at 3 monkeys throwing around some paper and all of her fantastic shaker cards so I decided to try one out for myself.

So what do you think? Isn't it so cure and it shakes great.

I started with my color palette of Disney colors red, black, and yellow and the window sheet. Since the shaker itself is a layer on the card you will want it to be sligthly smaller then the card itself. So for my 5.5"x 4.25" card I made my window sheet and shaker backing 5.25" x 4".

Then you need to make your pocket for the shaker.  I layered the window sheet over my backing and then used some great Disney Washi I got when I was at CKC to seal three sides of the pocket.  I laid it on on my matt and then lifted it up and folded the washi over.  Make sure to leave one side open so you can put your goodies inside. :)

Look at all those fun goodies. Being the Disney Aholic that I am I have tons of scrapping supplies so I just grabbed some of those and put them inside there.  You will want to make sure you have some things that are bulky like  buttons or the bottle caps like I used so that there is some space in there for the things to shake around.  And of course I had to add some pixie dust in mine since what Disney card is finished without some pixie dust. ;)

Then you  just take your washi and seal the open side and layer in onto your card base.  I used an extra black later on mine so that it would peak out behind the shaker but I wanted the card to be yellow so it would be easier to write on.

What do you think? I must say I'm pretty hooked on them. So if you book a Disney trip with me anytime soon expect to see one of these types of cards with your information ;)  I can see many many more of these coming up.


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