Thursday, October 17, 2013

Citrus Lane October 2013

My mail wasn't as late as it has been the last couple of days today and I knew he was here by the thump of the packages at my door ;)  I'm not sure how he makes such a noise when dropping them off but it gets really loud and I always know when he's come.  The first package I dug into was my Citrus Lane box.

The box was a cute light pink stripe this month for awareness.  There are also mustache punchouts on the bottom. How fun and cute are those.

First look once the box was opened and we got some info on the lid.  I actually like when they do something like this since I feel like the box isn't as much of a waste. I know that they have to ship in a box but I always feel back recycling it. I try to re-use as many as possible but sometimes that pile just gets too big and I have to recycle some.

First look at the goodies. I was excited right off when I saw what was in there.  I actually have C aged up so he gets a box for a 35mo old this month.

And now for the good parts the goodies...
  • Rhythm Sticks from Hohner Kids - I know that C will love these but maybe me not so much ;)
  • BOPS from Good Boy Organics - Uhm I am a chip whore I actually have purposely not been buying them since I will sit down and devour a bag all by myself. So you know I'm excited for these and no I will not be sharing. I will be having these while watching my shows tonight. :)
  • Ladybug Magazine from Cricut - C is all about books and reading so this is fun.
  • Dreamz & Twinkles To Go from Cloud B - This could not be more perfect as we are finally working to move C from the crib to the big bed. He seems to think he's ready but I've not been pushing it.  He will love this and I do too.
So what do you think?  I'm pretty happy with this months box for our family.  Since we have so much stuff right now I've been keeping things aside for Christmas and I will be doing that with these too. The nightlight might get pulled out on whatever night we decide to really push the big bed. ;)

If you want to get more info you can check them out Citrus Lane .  They are a monthly subscription box that costs $25 a month or less if you buy a 6month or longer subscription.  You will then enter your info and they will send items appropriate for you child.  Since I like having things to grow into I aged C up but you don't have to if you'd like more items for them to use right now.  If you like what you see and want to sign up you will get $10 off your first box if you order through my link.


disclaimer:  You know it that's my link up there and I get credit if you order through me.

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  1. This was a great box! Love the nightlight. I do feel like the sticks might be used to fighting??


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