Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wantable Oct 2013 Box Review

Came home from my scraping convention and my Wantable box was here.

This makes me very happy since I've been loving these boxes and I played around with my settings after last month. I may play around some again this month.  It's fun seeing what all I get.  If you are curious here was my Loves/Likes/Dislike for this month. After the very in depth questionnaire they say that you will get most things you Love some you Like and never things you Dislike.

And now onto my first look.  Have I told you how  Wantable ships? They have all your products between two pieces of foam egg crate style shipping materials and things don't move around.  Love this since I feel like they value their products and don't want to run the risk of broken stuff.

And here you go what you've been waiting for :)

The products in my Oct 2013  Wantable box (Randomly going from right to left this month since I want to save the polish for last :))
  • Japonesque Angled Foundation Brush ($24.50) - This was one of my new items this month since I hadn't liked tools before but I'm liking this brush.  I normally use my fingers but maybe I need a brush and it will make all the difference. I have lots of bb/cc/dd creams here that I'm trying to try out so excited to try this with them
  • Darla Makeup Peepers Eyeshadow in Rolled Oats ($18) - The notes say this is a staple for the makeup bag a light taupe with golden undertones and I have to agree. This is very much a shade of shadow I will wear and I think it can be a great day look or night look.
  • Whip Hand Cosmetics Cheek Flash Distraction ($18) - I wear blush everyday and I need a pink tone to my blushes so this is perfect for me.  I'm currently wearing one of my past  Wantable blushes but I'll add this one to the rotation
  • Cailyn Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner in Blue Shimmer ($15) - I've gotten many products from this company and liked them all.  Eyeliner while not a daily wear for me is one that I go to when I want to oomph up my look and I think this looks really fun.
  • Lise Watier Light Cap Nail Lacquer in Sapphire ($13) - So you all know I'm obsessed with nail polish and this is awesome. I was reading the description and it says that it is a Limited Edition which makes me even more excited and then it says that the cap has a small light in it to illuminate your nail as you paint them and I almost dropped out. That was totally awesome and I had to go and check it out right away.  It does have a light and this will be the next color that I use.

Can you see the little light?  There is a push button on the top of the cap that you press to turn it on and off.  So feakin' awesome and all polishes should have this since I'm always battling shadows when I'm painting.
  • Well this didn't make the product photo but you can see it in the first look photo and it was a sample of Skiin Soothing & Smoothing Eye Cream.  I love trying these samples for eye products as I feel I should be doing something but I haven't just jumped on the band wagon for a full fledged eye cream.
So what do you think?  All in all the value of the box came to $88.50 and since the box it self only costs $36 I feel like I got a great deal.  However if you did get your box and didn't love it you can easily send it back on their website.  They also make it easy for you to skip a month if you are just makeuped out and need a little break. I haven't skipped yet but I do love that they make it so easy and have it available.  The  Wantable box is one of the more expensive boxes I get but I love the full size products and I feel like they do look at my preferences and someone really thinks about what they are going to send me.

Since everyone has a different list did you get this months  Wantable box?  What was in yours?  I'm always curious to see what others are getting.


disclaimer: That is my link up there and I get credits with them if you fill out the questionnaire and then more if you actually order through me. :)


  1. I finally got my box straightened out and got a shipping notice!!! I hope I get the eye liner! LOVE that color!!!!!!

    1. It really is a great color. I'm wearing a different blue shade today but my question would be what color shadow do you wear with blue liner? I think I need to buy some more adventurous eye shadows.


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