Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sweet Pea October 2013 Box

In my packages that came today my Sweet Pea Bag came too. And as it was bound to happen as much as I like the items this month it is just not my boys.  Actually as they have both looked and told me they want the other ones clothes. LOL N loves the superhero shirts and C loves the train.  Sorry N you will no longer fit in the 2T but C you can definitely wear the 4T train shirt. ;)

As I've told you before we split our box between my 5 yr old and my 2 yr old. Sweet Pea Bag has options for 4,6, and 8 piece bag options for $30-$50. We get the 4 piece bag for my boys.

  • I don't know the brand of the superhero shirts but they are both a 2T. I actually really like them but C says they are N shirts so we'll see if he wears them. He is just getting into a 2T though so I will add them to his closet and I'm sure he will grab them out this winter.
  • Ns outfit is where we have the bigger issue. I had asked that we move into size 5 clothes in our notes for fall/winter and the shirt is a 4T but being short sleeve thats ok and its from Lion and Lamb Tees which we love. He has also told me he likes the babies (what he calls C) better so this will probably be in Cs closet to wear next spring/summer. He loves trains. The pants are from Childrens Place and are elastic waist with adj which is important for my skinny guy and as luck would have it they are long enough barely so I will have to be careful and hope they don't shrink. I'll need to make sure my preferences are up to date in my account for future shipments.
So as you can see this wasn't our best month for my boys likes but if you look back through my other bags we are in love with them and wear the clothes all the time.  I can't wait to see next month and I'm betting they will be more to my boys very random tastes. ;) If you are interested in joining please let them know that I sent you. They don't have a set referral program but they do keep up with it for extras in future bags.

Did you get a bag this month? What did you get? What do you think?


disclaimer: like I said not an actual referral link but they will keep up with it if you let them know I sent you. Thanks

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