Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Thoughts 09/19/2013

Linking up with Jenn again for some Thursday Thoughts:

  • I'm really loving this fall like weather here in NC in September but I have a strange feeling that we'll pay for it in Oct or have some crazy heat in Nov or something like that :(
  • Can you believe who won Big Brother?  I watch it every year and the final three was not at all who I was expecting. Of the three there I guess he did deserve to win and I liked the answer to his questions like he was the mastermind behind everything just no one but him knew it. LOL 
  • As I've been telling you guys I've been catching up on Revolution and Under the Dome.  I've decided I like both shows but Revolution definitely has more action then Under the Dome does.
  • I've recorded Sleepy Hollow this week but haven't watched yet but found out today that its filmed here in Wilmington, NC. Does anyone else try shows filmed locally just to support the area?  I do it all the time and some I keep up with but others I just can't do. LOL
  • Met M for lunch yesterday and he, C and I made a quick trip to Target.  I grabbed some back to school deals and some other things we really didn't need. ;) I said we needed to run in for the boys vitamins and Mayo and walked out with over $100 worth of stuff but really can you walk out of Target spending less then $100? This was the back to school clearance stash last night.

  • And then while making some returns while C was in preschool this morning I had a few minutes so ran into another Target and scored again.  We are still working with N on his writing so whenever I can find those aids on sale I jump. These will be great for us to work on while he is tracked out in a couple weeks.

What are you thinking about today?  Have you had a good week so far?



  1. I love both shows! Under the Dome is odd and haven't figured it out yet but I like the Cast a lot. Revolution is cool too! Sleepy Hollow is awesome!! Good casting, good banter, enough to keep me interested!

  2. I have like 20 revolutions on the tivo. i was debating deleting it. maybe i'll watch it now! right now i'm on royal pains. i'm so behind on shows i just binge view.

    1. We're watching it on Netflix since we missed it during the season but I expect to record it this year. I have it on my TV chart ;)

  3. Well now I am thinking I need to go back to Target tomorrow. But a different Target than I went to earlier in the week. And when WB is going all crazy in my cart, I will mention that you made me go.

  4. I found the one subject notebooks at Target today for 5 cents each! I stocked up and told everyone else that was in the aisle. I'll probably donate them next summer when they do supply drives again :) So hard to resist the clearance sections!

    1. Oh my goodness I would have stocked up too. That is awesome. Ours were 30cents so I only got a couple. I plan to donate the construction paper I bought to my boys schools this week. The clearance sections are so hard to resist. Both of my boys even start looking for them now ;)


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