Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Morning Musings 09/16/2013

Monday again and a rainy Monday at that.  We had a fun weekend and so hard to get back into the swing of things again for the week.

The weather was so great this weekend that we started Friday off with a walk. The boys are always wanting to take a walk but sometimes its just too muggy to really enjoy it. With the low humidity this weekend we had a blast.

And Saturday we took full advantage of the outside and played for hours. The boys even got to stay up a little late since we were outside until it got just way too dark to play.  Cs favorite outside activity is the sandbox. He can spend hours in there playing.

See that last picture. I think it is so funny. I get alot of those kinds of photos in order to get the ones that you guys actually see. LOL Thank goodness for digital now since I take so many pictures of almost every shot to get one that is halfway decent.  For some reason the boys just don't want to stay still when I tell them its photo time. ;)

And for my excitement this weekend I watched a couple movies Safe Haven and Vamps. I would highly recommend Safe Haven if you are a Nicholas Sparks fan. I had not read the book yet so I was surprised and loved it. Not Notebook good but still I enjoyed it.  Now Vamps on the other hand is not a great movie but it was kindof campy fun.  I also got to organize my Washi Tape into my new holder.

I've told you before I'm addicted to Washi Tape and I'm always pulling it out but the containers I had here were not deep enough for the rolls so when I saw this one at Ross the other week I had to grab it up. Just looking at it makes me happy.:)

Box news this week. Hmm I think I'm getting a few boxes this week  Citrus LanePOPSugar and My Paper Pumpkin .  They are all in transit so lets hope that they make it.

The new TV season starts tonight and I'm picking up Sleepy Hollow on my Monday viewing. I probably won't watch it this evening but I'll get into it soon and Bones is new tonight too which is a show I love.

What are you up to this week? Anything fun?


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