Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ipsy September 2013 Bag

So excited for my September Ipsy to come and today was the day. Of course I peaked at my glam room so I knew what was coming but I love getting my hands on it and actually touching my items. It makes everything so much better. :)

And now for this months bag.  The theme this month was Classic Beauty and while I like the bag its not really my style so I'm sure to pass this one on or donate it.

  • Elizabeth Mott It's so Big Volumizing Mascara - I get a ton of mascara in the boxes but I don't mind since they are mostly mini size and when I am getting glammed up I use mascara. Some I like and some I don't and I've never tried this brand so fun to play around with it.
  • Starlooks Obsidian Kohl Eye pencil - Another item I get alot but I love me some eyeliner. My eyes are something I consider one of my better features and they are so dark that I love a dark eyeliner.  I will work this into my rotation.
  • NYX eyeshadow in Hot Crystal - I'm in love with this color. Its a shimmery color with just a hint of beige in it.
  • Cailyn tinted lip balm in Big Apple - I've gotten eyeliner from this company and liked it and since I hoard lip products I was excited for this one.  I will say at first I wondered why such a long holder and then I realized that there is a little brush in there. How stinkin' cute is that?  
  • Freeman Beauty Facial Paper Masks in Blue Agave, Rose and StarFruit- I'm not a huge mask person but I think its more that I just don't really know how to use them and I haven't ever really tried them. These boxes are great for getting samples of new things for me to give a shot. The instructions seem easy enough so I plan on using these once it gets a little cooler here and my skin gets so dry. These will be nice and hydrating.
  • Michelle Phan The Life Palette - this is a little fold out pamphlet with a sampler in it.  I got career life look 4 The Natural Look as my sample. These are one use samples so I'll give a shot when heading out for a fun girls night.
So what do you think? There were some variations this month and you can see all the options if you go through your Ipsy Glam Room.  Some people got a mini size Butter London nail polish this month and I would have loved that since you know I have a polish addiction. ;)  I can only hope to get one in an upcoming bag since Ipsy says we will not get duplicates in our extras.  Ipsy costs $10 (plus tax depending on your state) a month and I think it is well worth the money. 

Did you get an Ipsy bag this month? What was in your bag? What did you think?


disclaimer: You got it my affiliate link is up there and they have recently started a referral program so I will get points for future extras if you join through my link.

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