Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday Thoughts 09/26/2013

Linking up with Jenn again for some Thursday Thoughts:

  • Did anyone watch Agents of SHIELD? I did and really liked it.  I can't wait to see where it goes and how many little Joss Whedon little call outs there will  be. In the first episode alone there was two alumni and multiple lines that just screamed one of his past shows.  Love it!!!
  • Season 2 of Revolution starts tonight and I still have 4 episodes to watch in season 1.  M and I are working our way though them and I still really like this show too.
  • I really need to start decorating for Fall/Halloween and I love when its done but I'm just not motivated to actually do it.
  • I sent in Ns first field trip form. He's going to a pumpkin farm when they come back from track out. I even signed up to chaperone but I did ask him first. He said I could come and check it out this time. LOL
  • This morning was the first day that N said he didn't want to go to school and just wanted to stay home with me :(  2 more days Mr Man and then you are home for 3 weeks. :)
  • Crazy busy weekend for us.  Yard sale on Saturday morning, then we are going to the home show (I won a contest so I have free tickets and some other freebies to pick up there) and then onto the NCState football game.  Then on Sunday we are going to Day out with Thomas. The boys are going to have so much fun.
What are you randomly thinking about today? 



  1. I think I need to bust out the decorations tomorrow. I didn't watch the new Whedon show but it's on my tivo. I should do that tonight, I'm really looking forward to it! My kids went to bed so late last night I just couldn't fit it in :(

    1. I'm thinking after the yard sale I'll have to break them out. N will be home for the next 3 weeks so I have a little helper for the decorating. It was really good and I loved the subtle Whedonisms. Let me know what you think. :)

  2. I need to dig out the fall decor as well! Might wait on the pumpkins tho because the squirrels ate mine right away last year. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    1. Oh I'll wait on the pumpkins too. I think we are taking the kids to a pumpkin patch next week so we'll get one and both boys have trips with school coming up too. I really just want to do the indoor leafy stuff now and then maybe Halloween in a week or two.

  3. You've got to catch up on revolution! The first episode was awesome (if season 2)!


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