Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

Friday again and I'm linking up with one of my favorite blogs for the Friday phone Dump.

Not many pictures this week that I haven't already shared. :) I know I know I've been slacking on the pictures but I'm sure some events will come and I will have a ton more to share. I do like sharing them in other posts through out the week so be sure to check back through to see all the pictures I've been taking. (You know if you are interested in seeing my life in pictures ;))

As I've said N has been in school for over a month now and we've already done school pictures and gotten them back. This was his picture this year. Except for the silly smile its not too bad and this is him since I get that fake smile every time I say smile now a days.

My mom got both of the boys moccasins when she was up in the mountains the other weekend and yesterday was the day they decided to try them on and wear them. C wasn't too excited about posing for a picture but you can get the idea.

After that first picture where he refused to move his hand from his face he went right back over to his book. But he did do an over the shoulder look at me.

So yeap I told you I was slacking this week. That's it for pictures that you haven't already seen.  Did you take a ton of pictures this week? Do you have weeks that you are slacking too?

Have a great weekend,

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