Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

Friday and time for the weekly Phone Dump link up.

C had his first day of preschool this week and as much as he looks happy in the pictures he was not happy when I passed him off.  I just passed him over the gate and walked out. They said he calmed down in a few minutes and when I picked him up he said he had fun and just jabbered the whole way home about what he did. I have no idea what all he was saying but he was excited so that is a plus.

We stopped at Nana's house last weekend and both boys came home with a pine cone so we decided to make some bird feeders.  We had some bird seed so we bought some peanut butter and they went to town.  Let me tell you this sounded so much more fun then it was for me. ;)  They had a blast but boy what a mess. LOL

And onto some of the other random pictures we have from this week.
 - My labor Day mani.  I used my Julep Ally which is the blue and then used Fireworks which is the glitter as my top coat.  I was feeling very patriotic.
 - This was the boys the morning of Cs first day. They were eating leftover pizza for breakfast and watching Curious George.
 - Cs idea of a drive in ;)
 - Doesn't everyone play Dominos while sitting on the table in their PJs in the middle of the day?

So those are my pictures this week. What did your week look like?


disclaimer: There is a link up there. You use it and I get points. :)

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