Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Time to link up for some Thursday Thoughts:

  • Who watches Mistresses?  I know I mentioned when it started that I hadn't watched it but then I did a mini marathon and I was hooked. The season finale was this week and now we have to wait until next summer to see more. I 'm loving the summer shows but I'm not sure I love the wait between seasons.

  • Went to a consignment sale this morning and while it was an upscale sale they do allow some more basic brands in the bigger boys sizes. I had to weed through the people that then think they can still price those cheaper brands at the higher end prices. Uhm really people I am not paying the same price for a generic brand as I am for a boutique brand.  I did however do awesome and got some great items by the likes of Tea, Boden and Hanna Anderson.  My boys are going to be stylin' this fall.

  • So who is still playing Candy Crush? I know you guys are since I keep getting "help" but I am stuck on 147 and I feel like I've  been there forever. Who knows the secret how can I beat it without buying help?
  • I'm working on cleaning out some clothes and decided to send a bag into Twice.  They are an online women's consignment store that sent me a bag and I fill it up and send it back.  I got it all packed up and ready to go.  I'll do a full post when I hear back from them but give them a look over and see what you think. I've seen some decent payouts posted so I'm excited to see how I do.
  • We're thinking of having a yard sale end of the month so I really need to start collecting things for the sale.  I love getting rid of things and making a little money doesn't hurt either. Last time we took what didn't sale right to donate so we need to make sure and try to do that again this time too.
So that's what I'm thinking about today. What are you up to? Anything fun going on your way?


disclaimer: That is my Twice link up there. If you go through me you get a $10 credit and I get credits too.


  1. I don't know if is a fun thing...but right about now I am thinking that in a few minutes I have to go to my daughter's chorus meeting and I just got home from work...I rather stay at home browsing through all this cool blogs...but my mama duties come 1st.

    Also thinking what's for dinner cause I only have 10 weight watchers points left.

    Also...hey is Thursday...weekend is almost here and hubby and I have a yard sale date.

    That is what I am thinking right about now!

    1. Mama duty always comes first. Thank goodness for smart phones. :) I do so much reading waiting in carpool or waiting for some activity to end. LOL

  2. I thought Mistresses looked cool but I didn't dvr it- I think my dvr was busy during that time!

  3. I want to come to your yard sale! And I want you to take me consignment sale shopping with you! I am good online, but I am far too lazy to go in person.


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