Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up again for some Thursday Thoughts:

  • I think I'm just a little too excited that Amanda should be going home tonight on BB.   She is so full of herself and I don't see how she doesn't understand she is doing exactly what she is blaming other people of doing. I just hope the rest of the houseguests don't screw it up and keep her.

  • Day 2 of preschool for C and he kept saying he was really excited to go but sure enough when we got to his room he screamed and screamed. I just passed him off and left. They tell me he calms down quickly and he tells me he had a great time when I pick him up but yes I am that mom with the screaming kid. :)  Next week starts carpool drop off so we'll see how that goes in the morning. I'm hoping that it works out better with the drop off.
  • M and I have started watched Revolution.  It was a show I wanted to watch last season but someone we missed it so glad that we are catching up so far. It will be on my TV chart ( that I still need to do) this season.

  • I'm so not concerned that I let C go out to lunch yesterday wearing Ns rainboots.  They are way to big and no it wasn't raining but compared to his mismatched crocs I think we were doing pretty good.
  • Is it sad I'm excited that M is working tonight and I can do Beef and Broccoli for dinner. He will eat it but its not his favorite and I can add all the veggies in there that he doesn't care for. N and C usually try it but they might just have a grilled cheese sandwich with it.  N is always starving when he gets home so he may just do an early dinner.
Well those are my random thoughts this week.  I've got a bit of a cold or something going on so I've been watching alot of tv probably why its on my brain so much.

Did you link up this week?  What are you thinking about?



  1. Hope you feel better. I need to get busy and enter some new shows in the DVR- I think I have a couple that start this week. I'll try them out for a bit and see if they stay or go!
    I love Revolution! I told you Billy was good in it!!!!

  2. I love love love some revolution! I'm super excited that hopefully Amanda will be going home tonight. She annoys me! Also my son Andrew does the exact same thing as your little one does at daycare. Whenever I drop him off he screams and cries. But whenever my husband drop some off he's absolutely fine. Hate to tell you but it doesn't get much easier.


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