Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wantable Sept 2013 box review

I was beyond surprised when I got a text saying my Wantable box was delivered yesterday while I was out scrapping with some friends. I had tracked it on Friday and it said delivery on Monday so yea for early boxes. That so rarely happens.  I'm pretty sure its because they ship USPS first class and not one of the hybrid shippings with someone else so it goes straight from them to me and no stops in between. Love that.

I remembered to take a picture of the box this month. :)  There box is such a great size and I do reuse alot of my sub boxes so if you are every getting a small something from me be on the look out.  I'm not sure I told you last month but I love the packing in these boxes. They are egg crate style foam and not loose stuff so my items fit nicely in there and don't rattle around.  That is really important in a makeup box since you don't want your packed products cracking up.

First look. I was excited. Wantable sends great products and I didn't recognize any of the brands in there which is always a plus too. I love trying out new things and since I almost always have my little men with me wondering around a makeup store is not something I get to do often. This box really helps me with that. They have the most detailed questionnaire out there that I've seen and you are more likely to get things you like and will never get things you dislike. They also have an easy way to return your box if you just don't love it which I think is awesome.  Here is my like/dislike list from this month. When you are taking the survey there are questions within each of the categories but this is the overall list.

I may go in now that I've gotten a couple boxes and tweak it a little but so far I think its been pretty spot on.

Now onto the goodies this month.

  • 29 cosmetics D'vine Mascara ($26) - This is a conditioning mascara and mascara is one of my go tos when I'm going out I will add this to my rotation.
  • Manna Kadar blush in the Big "O" ($19)- besides loving the name of this color ;) (I mean really makeup has some of the best names around. I need that job sometime coming up with names for products.) I'm a blush girl and I wear it everyday. This color is pick without being too pink and I need a more pink then brown blusher so already loving this.
  • Michael Marcus eyeshadow in Uptight  ($24)- again another awesome name but not me at all. LOL   I do like this color as its a little browny and will go great for an everyday look. It says this is a refillable eyeshadow compact so I'll have to look into that.
  • Michael Marcus eye liner in Prism ($20) - Again eyeliner is one of my dressing up gotos and this is a bronzy glimmer color that is Awesome. I've said before but my eye are really dark brown and I have full dark lashes so I do alot of browns and this has a hint of fun to it. I can't wait for a night out to play with this one.
  • Skiin instant skin tightener & line filler sample - this says it works instantly and my skin isn't getting any younger so I'll add this into my trials and see how it works.
So what do you think?  Based on my likes this is right up my ally and I'm excited to play with them all. Wantable box is $36 a month and if you don't love it you can return it. They also have an easy way to skip a month if you need/want to. This was the second month of my special boxes so I got it for about $18 and the value was over that at $89 so even if I had paid full price I would have made out plus I get some great new products to try and see how I like them. 


disclaimer: You got it that is my Wantable link up there and I get credits when you join through it for me to get more boxes. :)


  1. WOW!!!! Totally differnt than mine- I don't think we got ONE thing the same!!!!!

  2. How did you save so much on the box?


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