Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Randomness 09/27/2013

Hmm I may need to make this  a weekly post and if I decide to then I'll make a button for it but for today you just get me writing. :)

  • Uhm how did I not know that Peter Facinelli was going to be on Glee?  Granted I don't watch Glee all the time and I can't record it since it conflicts but I got very excited seeing him last night. Does anyone know if he will be on more episodes?  I love me some Peter from back in the day when he was on Fastlane. Love that show.

  • Just got an extra $10 off $30 to Bath and Body Works if I check out with Paypal.  The coupon isn't what got me so excited but  the paying with paypal.  I really need to see what other stores you can pay with paypal for.  Does anyone have a list of stores?
  • What has I thinking having a yard sale?  I love having a yard sale but the prep sucks. I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon sorting things into bins and making labels for the bins so that I can just set those out. People will have to dig through that's just how it's going to happen.  This was the start of my sorting yesterday.  These have already been taken over to the neighbors house plus more so I will keep going today and see what else I can come up with.

  • After the last two days with N I have no idea what I'm going to do with him for 3 weeks.  He started yesterday with his first not wanting to go to school day but he has had an absolute meltdown each night.  I guess its good he has a break so he can have a couple off days before he gets back into the grind for the next 9 weeks.  Then with the Christmas holiday he will be home for about 4.5 weeks.  Help me now. LOL
So that is randomly where my mind is this morning. Do you have a huge random amount of odds and ends in your mind too?



  1. My boys have the day off today, nice to have a break (we are not year round). Hope your sale goes well!!!

  2. How did you get the extra 30$ off at B & B works?


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