Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Morning Musings

Wow we had a busy busy weekend. I'm not even really sure where all the time went.  We did some shopping and went to the NCState football game and met my family for brunch on Sunday however we forgot that they can't serve alcohol here until noon on Sunday so meeting at 11 wasn't the best idea ;)  It was Military Appreciation Day at the football game and they unraveled a huge flag at halftime.  I love when they do this and N couldn't take his eyes off of it.

We have another decent week this week. School everyday and N has his first project due this Thursday so we will be working on that at night.  C has preschool a couple days and today we have a play group up at our clubhouse for him to play. Ms grandma and aunt also come in this weekend so we will be getting with them later in the week.

Let's see what boxes should I be getting this week?  I'm pretty sure I should be getting Ipsy and Sweet Pea Box this week with Citrus Lane, POPSugar and My Paper Pumpkin next week.  I'm not sure when my Wantable will come but later this month I think. I know I'm probably forgetting some  but they will be a surprise then ;)  I also ordered a bag from Twice and I'm going to try and fill it and get it sent back out pretty quick.

In case you missed it I posted my Fall 2013 TV chart yesterday. You can see it here.  To get ready M and I are working our way through season one of Revolution.  We are really liking it and its just so scary to think something like that could really happen.  How screwed would we all be if the power went off. I shudder just to think of that.

Well I think that's my week at a glance.  What are you up to this week?  Anything fun and exciting?


disclaimer: You know those are my links up there. If you go through them I get credits toward future stuff :)

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