Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Phone Dump 09/20/2013

Time again to link up with Jenn over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for the weekly Friday Phone Dump.

So if you saw my So What Wednesday this week you saw that I was overflowing my nail polish basket. I went looking around the house today and saw we had some empty containers so I did a transfer. Don't you think this is better ;)  All of the supplies are in here now but there isn't much leftover room so I may need to do a small purge or put the supplies in one tote and the polish in another.

Oh C!!!  You know I have a ton on of photos that could go under that heading. This week he decided to make a book nook and oh the mess but he was so happy and was "reading" books so I hated to disrupt him.  He has also taken to going Woohoo or I did it and throwing his hands up. Its really cute.  His other favorite is to get all excited over just about anything and start clapping and saying yea. For example the other morning it was " Daddy bought new toothpaste. Yea!!!" and then he claps. So stinkin' cute.

The weather this week was just awesome.  It was fall like most days and the evening were OMG amazing.  We managed a couple of walks and on our second one the new bridge over the lake near our house was open. You would have thought we hit the mothership N was so excited.  We are now connected to everything. LOL

State had their football game on Thursday night.  Unfortunately they didn't win but M went with his mother and his brother while I stayed home with the boys.  Well we had a 31 party to go for next door so it wasn't all bad for me. ;)  I will have to do a picture of my goodies when they get here.  However the lady you sits behind us took their picture and sent it my way. 

So that is what my week looked like. What were you up to this week?


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