Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So What Wednesday

After taking a week off I'm linking up again with Shannon over at Life After I Dew for So What Wednesday.

This week I'm saying So What If...

  • I leave for a cruise next week and I still need to find a new swimsuit for this year.
  • Speaking of that cruise I have not packed a single thing or gotten the boys ready to stay home for the week with M yet. 
  • The boys and I went to dinner right after I picked N up from school yesterday.
  • I have so much that needs to be done but C and I may have an at home day today. I'll see how he is doing when he gets up.
  • I get up an extra 30 min early in the morning so that I can watch the news and blog or read messages and just have some me time before my house gets crazy. :)  Now if I only went to bed earlier to off set the morning. :(
  • Carpool is so hard for C.  I don't always do carpool I'm very lucky that N rides most days with a neighbor but yesterday I had to pick him up and poor C just can't make it.
  • I take way to many pictures of C sleeping.
  • I'm on the hunt for a pink hoodied bath towel to fit a  3yr old.  Anyone with girls have an idea where to look?  C is really wanting a pink one and I'm lost when it comes to that color.
Well since I've been extra random in my So Whats today I'm going to sign off for now.  
What are you saying So What to today?

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