Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Target Deals

So I have never done a Target deals post and I usually rush right out when everyone says things are on sale and I get nothing. Its so sad but I think with all the snow we had last week our Valentines stuff was still there so I got some stuff.  Nothing that is a surprise and I found all of this in the Valentines section but still fun for me. :) I've heard that some Targets are at 90% all ready but mine was still only at 70%.  I may see if anything left when they go a bit more.

Now I do not plan on using these as our Valentines next year but I want the goodies in them.  All the cute notebooks, pencils and glows sticks. They are not themed Valentines and can be used for anything.  These all came up as $.90-$1.20.  I can't beat that for fun goodies.

Some more of the goodies.  Little Mermaid notebooks and Sophia play packs.  The play packs were $1.89 each and will be great goodies to add to my stash for little girl parties.

These were both in the Valentine section for the tissue and the card section for the bags.  I buy all of my tissue around the holidays and use it all year.   The small packs were $.44 each and the larger one was only $.89.  I recently did a huge purge of my gift bags. I had been hoarding and reusing so much that the glue was no longer holding them together.  I cleaned them all our and have bee rebuilding my stash. These were on an end cap near the other bags and cards and at $1.75 each they are a great deal.

This picture was actually scattered around the store. C and I went this afternoon and wondered the end caps looking for goodies. As luck would have it I saw that Ns teacher has trinkets for the treasure chest, highlighters, and stickers on her wish list and I found them all on clearance. She will be getting a bag of goodies tomorrow with these things and some other stuff I've been collecting.
Pompoms were $.98 I haven't decided if we are keeping these or sending these in yet. Since really can you have to many pom poms?
Scotch expressions washi tape $1.48
Sack of little erasers $.90 these are all pirate themed and kindergartners love erasers. We have so many here and N is always wanting more.
Package of stickers $2.08. These are going to school.
Highlighters $.57 each. These are a great deal and are going into school.
Color Wonder travel pack $3.98 This was 50% off and located near the arts and crafts aisle.  I like to have these for trips and for on the go.  My store had about a dozen so I'll keep an eye out if it goes even more ;)

I was so excited to find these and then get my other stuff that I just needed.  I did let C pick out an Imaginext  toy and when I checked it on Cartwheel it was 25% off. Score. He was happy and I loved saving the extra money. 

ETA: I totally forgot that I had this still out in the car. 

My stores have alot of frames and other household goodies on sale but this frame was only $6.98 and had a cartwheel coupon for 15% off that.  Awesome score. I can't wait to get pictures in it.

Did you do any clearance shopping yet? Did you get any goodies? 


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